Beth Fessenden is now working with me as an apprentice!  I love working with her!  I look forward to a long working relationship.  You can learn more about her here.


How I See Birth

Birth is one of the most important events in your, your baby's and your partner's lives. It is a defining moment. To me, the ideal labor starts when the baby decides that it is ready to be born. Mom labors however she wants to and is most comfortable. The people around her are people that she knows and loves, people that she invited to be there. She eats and drinks what she wants, when she can. She lets her body push in whatever position is most comfortable and most productive. No one is poking her, prodding her to birth the baby faster. If anything, I remind her to slow down, to lessen the chances of her tearing. Her baby enters the world however it chooses, either boisterously or quietly.  The new mom lifts her baby to her and they rest.

If anything needs to be done by me, I do it at mom's side or on her belly.  Most things can and will wait until they have had their precious first minutes together. 


What I Believe About Birth

I believe that home is the best and safest place to give birth unless there is a true medical reason why it should occur at a hospital. For example, a breech birth can usually proceed at home without medical intervention; however a cord prolapse or heavy bleeding would be reasons to consider transferring to the hospital. I believe that those true reasons very rarely occur.

I believe that every labor should start without provocation. We do not know when the baby will be ready to be born. We do not know if this baby needs a little more time to gestate. Too often we see women and medical providers rushing to use artificial methods to start or speed up a birth. These can have long lasting effects on the baby and possibly the mother. These can also lead to complications, which can necessitate a transfer to the hospital.

If there are danger signs that the labor should continue at the hospital, then it should be moved there. If a labor or birth gets to a point where the mother or baby require oxygen or another drug, then that birth should be transferred to a hospital. Oxygen and other pharmaceuticals have no place at home births. 


Welcome to the Mother's Embrace Association!

This is a private education and health care membership association under the First, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution. I created this Association to protect the legal rights of its members. Your healthcare is your choice. 

My mission for our members is "Care, education and support for the family during the childbearing year." How can I help you?

Member benefits:

  • Personalized and private childbirth education about a wide range of topics, including some topics that aren't usually included in childbirth education. Some of these classes could include other family members as well.
  • Support for women in their choices during pregnancy, birth and postpartum; including their choice of a birth attendant or the choice to not have one. Supplies for members' holistic prenatal care.
  • A trained birth attendant to support and guide the woman and her family in a home birth.
  • In home Newborn Screening or help with Ohio's home birth certificate paperwork.
  • Lending library of books, DVDs and other information and supplies for an amount of time agreed upon.
  • Postpartum doula support.
  • Emotional release with essential oils.
  • Private group events, classes, or seminars that will also support physiologic pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
Please see the Services page, for more thorough descriptions and any fees that apply.



"During labor and birth, you were very helpful when I needed pressure on a certain point, and was there if needed but let me do what I felt needed. Also had amazing helpful tip on positions. Reminded me to slow down during pushing and I didn't tear!!! Then after the birth, you took your time and didn't rush me. Let placenta take time to come out on it's own which was new to me! Available when I some concerns come up." - BK


"I lost a baby in 2013 after years of infertility and a desperate desire to be a mother. In the time between my loss and getting pregnant again I spent countless hours researching pregnancy and birth, watching documentaries, and joining natural minded Facebook groups. I knew that I wasn't going to be comfortable with the status quo hospital birth but being from rural Ohio I didn't think I had any options. I found out I was pregnant in August of 2014. I was so excited but so scared. I ended up seeing a "medwife" or CNM at a local hospital and felt like that was as close as I was going to get to my natural birth. The further I made it into my pregnancy the more uncomfortable I was with the attitudes my CNM and OB had toward my dream birth. At my 32 week appointment I was absolutely done with them for several reasons. I began desperately searching for a homebirth midwife and, thankfully, I met Jessica on Facebook. I called her and we talked for a few hours. She answered every question I had and then she came and met with my very hesitant husband and I. She answered his questions and when she left he told me he really felt this was the right decision. Jessica was never too busy to answer my calls or texts. She answered the craziest questions and never made me feel stupid. Most importantly, she made me feel like she cared about me and my baby as much as my husband and I did. She stayed at my house for hours during a false alarm and then, when it was time, she came over and she made me and my family feel so at ease. From boiling water for the birthing pool to holding a cool cloth on my head and then giving me tough love when I wasn't sure I could do it, she was amazing. I never felt pressured, I never felt panicked. Even when I was bleeding more than I should have been, she was calm and kept me calm. Birthing my daughter was the single most incredible experience of my life and I know beyond a doubt that I owe so much of that to Jessica. I cannot wait to experience child birth again and that's not something I hear often." - Jacki