Postpartum Support

These lists are not all inclusive. If there is something that you think you will need or know that you will need, let me know and we can work something out.


Physical and emotional support - listening to your birth story; your concerns, fears, frustrations
Cook a meal (your recipe or mine - your ingredients)
Watch all of your children so you can take a shower or spend time with your spouse
Watch your baby so you can spend time with your older children
Watch your older kids so you and your baby can take a nap
Field phone calls and visitors
Light house cleaning - dishes, laundry, vaccuuming, etc.
Running errands
Unlimited telephone and email contact

I am always happy to just listen when you need someone to talk to.


A minimum of two three-hour shifts are required (a minimum of six hours) to retain services.  A deposit equal to six hours is required when signing the contract and will be applied to the final week of care.  I am available during the day and evening, throughout the week.  My hourly fee is $20.  There is a sliding scale available for my fees if your income is less than 150% Federal Poverty Level.  I may also consider a barter or trade for my services.

A Travel Fee will be applied to help cover the rising cost of gasoline of $0.45 per mile per trip for any home over 40 miles away from home.*  For example, if you live 30 miles from my home you will be charged an extra $4.50 for each visit that I make to your home.



All of these packages can be spread over 30 days.  There is a 15% discount if paid as a package.

New Mother - $408

Six - 4 hour sessions of general postpartum care.  Whether you are a mom for the first time or for the fourth, every new mother deserves a little mothering herself.  (24 hours total)

Morning Rush - $255

Five - 3 hour morning sessions, help get breakfast for everyone and get the day started smoothly.  (15 hours total)

Lunch/After School Rush - $255

Five - 3 hour sessions, lunch/snacks for everyone.  After lunch, I will help get ready for dinner, help with naps as needed.  (15 hours total)

Relaxing Dinner - $255

Five - 3 hour sessions.  I can come before dinner to help prepare and entertain older children, clean up after or I can come after dinner to clean up and help with bedtime routines while you, your spouse and your new baby rest and relax.  (15 hours total)

The Spoiler - $544

This package includes eight 4-hour daytime sessions.  The number and length of the individual sessions may be negotiable depending on my schedule and your needs.  (32 hours total)