Holistic Parenting 101 Classes:

All of these classes are an hour, except where noted.

#1 - Understanding and Trusting the Labor and Birth Process

If you understand the process, it is easier to trust that it will work!  This is a 2 hour class.

#2 - Oxytocin!  Prenatal and Labor Relaxation

What is oxytocin?  What can it do for you?  How can you help your body make more?

#3 - Natural Pain Management in Labor and Birth

It really is possible without drugs!

#4 - Getting Ready for Your VBAC

What do you need to know?  How can you improve your odds of having a vaginal birth after a cesarean?

#5 - Preparing for or Recovering from a Cesarean

What do you need to know to make your medically necessary cesarean better for you and your baby?  What can you do now to make your recovery easier?

#6 - The First Hour After Birth

The amazing changes that happen inside your baby's body in that first hour after birth.

#7 - Newborn Care

What are they looking at in the Newborn Exam?  What  is the Newborn Screen?  Breastfeeding basics.  Cloth diapers, how does it really benefit your family?  Is cosleeping really safe?  When isn't it safe?  And my favorite topic - Babywearing!!!

#8 - Vaccines - How do you decide?

How to read a vaccine package insert.  Figure out what is really in those vaccines.

#9 - Understanding Circumcision

What are the benefits and risks of this surgery?  What are the long term side effects?

#10 - Why Home Birth?

What is the difference between a hospital birth and a home birth?  What are the benefits and the risks of home birth?

#11 - Reproductive Anatomy

What is a perineum?  Or a Bartholin gland?  What does that do?