Home Birth Support - $3,200*

Support for women in their choices during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, including their choice of a birth attendant or the choice not to have one and the place of birth. I can support and guide you and your family in a home birth.  Home Birth Certificate paperwork and the Newborn Screening are both included in this package.  Birth pools are available to rent for $150 for members only.

* There is a sliding scale available based on your income and family size.

Private Childbirth Education - $125 per 2 hour class

Personalized childbirth education, in your home, on the topics that YOU choose. The number of classes may vary depending on the topics that you choose. These can be home birth or hospital birth related.

Please see the Childbirth Education page for more information.

Holistic Parenting 101 Classes starting soon!

Home Birth Certificate Paperwork - $50 each or $80 for both

For families who had an unassisted birth:  I can sign either your Proof of Pregnancy or your Proof of Live Birth forms, or both. I can also help you with any questions you have about the birth certificate paperwork for the state of Ohio.

Please see the Home Birth Certificate Paperwork page for more information.


Newborn Screening - $75

For families who had an unassisted home birth:  I can do the newborn screening in your home. The test results will be forwarded to you as soon as I receive them, usually in a few weeks time.